You choose everything. Each producer for us is our like-minded, we take into account any wishes. Movement, clothing, location, length of film, actors, we will ask everything. We will help you make what you want to use our experience. The price will be very nice. Get a great or maybe a new experience for you. Tell me your thoughts in the application.See you soon. 


1. Choose the actress(s) for the lead role. The actress that you like the most and that you see as the most suitable for your script. If necessary, I will advise from me who is best suited for the role.

2. Choose a costume. The style of clothing in which the girl will be what you see in your video.

3. Choose the location where you want to see the video. It can be a hall, street, apartment or house. All at your discretion.

4. Tell us the total length of the video. How many minutes your video should be. We will do our best to determine how long it will take!

5. Let us know your budget. People come in with all sorts of requests and all sorts of expectations. We’re happy to accommodate different budgets and be creative in finding workarounds. It’s helpful to know in advance how much funding is available for each project so we can better plan production to fit your budget while still meeting your needs.

6. To hell with it all! If all of these details seem unnecessary to you, put it all aside and just write down what you see, or imagine what you have. We are used to starting this process from different points, and we would rather start the process and then redo it if necessary! We always look forward to everyone’s ideas, and since this project is completely client-focused, we appreciate your input to date and continue to support you as we do our best to reflect and reflect your visions now and in the future!


After the shoot, we will send screen shots at the earliest opportunity. We also do our best to keep people informed of production deadlines. Rest assured, we are interested in completing the project as quickly as possible, as we don’t make any money until the film is completed and released! Once the film is completed and before its public release, you will be the first to receive a copy in 1080P or 4k on demand. We will also include all promotional material in full resolution, including the trailer!

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